FUJI CP65 Chip Shooter

FUJI CP65 Placement Machine Features & Benefits

Manufacturer:   FUJI
Model:   CP65
D.O.M.:   1996
Reference No.:   248


  • Fuji CP65 Chip Shooter
  • Handles a wide range of board and component sizes from 80x 50mm up to large 508 x 457mm board
  • Support for components sized from 0402 up to 30x30mm, including large memory components and CSPs
  • Approximate on-time hours: 1489
  • 42,000 CPH
  • 140 – 8mm Feeder Locations
  • PCB dimensions Max: 508mm x 475mm
  • PCB dimensions Min: 80mm x 50mm
  • Board Thickness: 0.8 to 4.0mm
  • Placing Accuracy +/- 0.01mm (3 sigma)

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