2005 FUJI CP-842ME Chip Shooter

2005 FUJI CP-842ME Chip Shooter

Manufacturer:    FUJI
Model:  CP-842ME
Year:   2005
Serial No: 565
Reference No.:   222CC

Description:  Chip Shooter

  • Acceleration control (XY-table): In 5 levels are UHi, Hi, Mid, Low, ULow.
  • Controllable axes: A total of 12 axes are Cam, X, Y, Z, D1, D2, Pθ, Fθ, Rθ, NC, NZ and NY.
  • CPU: Intel Pentium type.
  • Maximum number of input sequences: 5000 sequences/PCB (this is the total number of sequences for both PCBs.
  • Program storage capacity: Limited only by the size of the hard disk.
  • Data input method (units): Fuji Flexa (X-, Y- and Z-axis: 0.01 mm / θ-axis: 0.01°.
  • Communication: Ethernet Lan.
  • Control panel: Color LCD touch panel.
  • Optical correction: For PCB positioning and part pick-up displacement.
Condition:  Complete & Operational
Availability:  Immediate for purchase / 2-6 weeks for shipping
Location & Shipping:  USA / FOB Origin
Actual Machine Photos:

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