Agilent Medalist SJ5000 Automated Optical Inspection

 SJ5000 AOI Machine Features & Benefits

Manufacturer:   Agilent
Model:   Medalist SJ5000
D.O.M.:   2008
Reference No.:   351


  • AGILENT SJ5000 Medalist/AOI
  • The Medalist sj5000 automated optical inspection (AOI) solutions offer a unique single platform that can be utilized for:
    • 2D paste inspection
    • pre-reflow
    • mixed mode
    • post reflow
    • or post wave inspection
  • Beyond system implementation the system also provides
    • scalable resolution down to 11 microns per pixel
    • adaptive solder joint inspection techniques
    • low contrast location techniques
    • a network database
    • offline programming
    • and optical character verification/recognition
  • The SJ series equipment has been a flagship product in the AOI industry for nearly 15 years and is utilized by customers of all sizes and industries to improve process and increase yields.
  • Speeds of 5 to 6.3 in-squared/sec.
  • Optical Character Verification and Recognition (OCV) and (OCR) included with each system.
  • 20×20″ (510x510mm) board size capability
  • 4 mega pixel digital camera
  • 19 um per pixel resolution (scalable)
  • Multiple Color, multiple angle segmented lighting.
  • Running software 4.12.01
  • Windows XP

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