Conceptronic HVC 60 Reflow Oven

4 Zone Circuit Board Reflow Oven Features & Benefits

Manufacturer:   Conceptronic
Model:   Concept 60 Series
D.O.M.:   –
Reference No.:   016


  • Window 3.1 computer control system
  • SMEMA interface
  • SPC data logging
  • Machine status light tower
  • Closed-loop conveyor speed control
  • Edge rail and belt conveyor system
  • Motorized rail adjustment
  • Alarmed, torque limiting conveyor slip clutch
  • Hinged heat tunnel width motorized hood lift system
  • Enhanced solder cooling module (No water chiller required)
  • Multiple point, real-time product profiling
  • Main power disconnect box
  • Additional cooling
  • 4 heated zones
  • 1 cooling zone

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