Conceptronic HVN102 Reflow Oven

7 Zone Reflow Oven Features & Benefits

Manufacturer:   Conceptronic
Model:   HVN102
D.O.M.:   –
Reference No.:   313


  • The HVN 102 Series forced convection oven is ideal for SMT mass reflow soldering for lead based and lead free alloys such as epoxy, adhesive, and encapsulating curing.
  • Seamless computerized shifting between Air or Oxygen PPM levels under 50 for regulated atmosphere control.
  • 100% linear convection for controlled flow
  • Simple flux management to reduce re-circulation loops
  • 7 heat zones
  • Combo Conveyor (Chain-edge conveyor and Mesh-belt conveyor)
  • Auto Oiling system
  • High Velocity Nitrogen Compatible System

Click images below for enlarged view of the HVN102 7 Zone Circuit Board Oven

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