Cyberoptics QX500

Make: Cyberoptics
Model:  QX500
Reference No.:   151CC

QX500™ | Optimum Performance At Astonishing Speed

The multi-award winning QX500™ embraces CyberOptics unique image acquisition solution – Strobed Inspection Module (SIM) and is capable of inspecting 01005 components and larger at 200cm²/sec, securely positioning itself as the fastest area-scanning Automated Optical Inspection system in the industry. The QX500™ uses white strobed lighting, that consists of dual fixed angle lighting providing a superb image for defect review. You can further enhance component features by choosing a combination of lighting. QX500™ is designed to provide the IDEAL platform that can be integrated in assembly lines which manufacture memory modules, notebook PCS, mobile phones, automotive products, and other industrial electronic assemblies.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Fast, on-the-fly inspection with SIM (Strobed Inspection Module)
  • Edge for inspecting ‘Anything’ with SAM (Statistical Appearance Modeling) Technology
  • Lowest False Call Rate
  • Simple, fast programming with AI² (Autonomous Image Interpretation) Technology
  • Comprehensive SPC charts with CyberReport™
Specifications QX500™ QX500-L™ QX500-D™
Board Width 50 x 308 mm 50 x 510 mm 50x 300mm (dual lane mode)
50x590mm (single lane mode)
Board Length 50 x 457 mm 50 x 510 mm 50x480mm (dual lane mode)
50x510mm (single lane mode)
Resolution 17µm pixel size    
Inspection Speed 200 cm²/sec

Product Brochure:
Condition:  Complete and  Operational
Location & Shipping:  USA / FOB Origin


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