Data I/O ProMaster 2500 Chip Programmer

ProMaster 2500 Chip Handler Features & Benefits

Manufacturer:   Data I/O
Model:   Pro Master 2500
Reference No.:   486k & 487k


  • Integrated Automated Production System for programming, testing, sorting, and labeling programmable devices
  • Designed for flexibility from input to output
  • High density thermal printer prints and applies device labels in one swift operation
  • Tube holders accept any standard programmable integrated circuit tube without adjustments
  • Quick and easy changeovers due to trackless design
  • Custom designed programming modules ensure optimum programming signal integrity and eliminate lead damage
  • Advanced labeling technology ensures accurate, consistent label printing and placement
  • Keypad interface allows easy setup and modification of labeling tasks
  • Integrated programming electronics ensure programming is as close to the DUT as possible for optimum yields and reliability
  • Programs, tests, labels, and sorts in a single pass, tube-to-tube operation
  • Optical sensors monitor and regulate the flow of devices for smooth operation
  • Automatic tracking of the number of devices successfully programmed ensures accurate, consistent job completing
  • MSM hard drive
  • Device testing: continuity, misinsertion, backwards device, two-pass fuse verification, two-pass functional test

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