Data I/O PS 288 Part Programmer

Part Programming System Features & Benefits

Manufacturer:    Data I/O
Model:   PS 288
D.O.M.:   2008
Reference No.:   535


  • Automated programming system with pick and place, marking, and media transfer sub-systems
  • Standard 1000 cph handler throughput
  • Ideal for small to medium batches, with flexibility and fast changeover times
  • FlashCORE programming architecture for higher performance and efficiency
    • High memory, high-speed controller reduces programming times and supports high density devices
  • Small footprint
  • High-mix programming
  • X-Y robotics with high performance servo drive system
  • X, Y, Z, & Theta rotation
  • Placement force < 10N
  • Vision alignment and self-calibration
  • Auto-optimize program
  • See full data sheet here

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