Diamond X-Ray Inspection System

Nordson Dage Inspection Machine Features & Benefits

Manufacturer:    Nordson Dage
Model:   XD7600NT
D.O.M.:   1/14/2014
Reference No.:   541


  • For PCB and Semiconductor inspection
  • X-plane analysis
  • X-plane external viewer
  • NT 100 maintenance-free, sealed transmissive x-ray tube
  • 160 kV tube with up to 10 W tub power – always retains sub-micron ability
  • Digital image intensifier with real time image enhancements
  • Geometric magnification 2,000 X, system 12,000 X and total 60,000 X with digital zoom
  • 29 inch by 22.8 inch maximum board size
  • 70 degree oblique views without loss of magnification
  • Active x-ray image stabilization and 24 inch primary and secondary TFT LCD monitors
  • Easy, collision-free, high magnification inspection, even at oblique angle views
  • 16-bit digital image processing
  • Fully lead-shielded system safety cabinet
  • See manufacturer’s specs here

Diamond X-Ray Inspection System Demo

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