ECD Aqueous Cleaner

Aqueous Wash Cleaning System Features & Benefits

Manufacturer:   Electronic Control Design
Model:   9200
D.O.M.:   1993
Reference No.:   014


  • Batch Washer
  • Integrated 9010 D/I Water Heater
    • The 9200 Aqueous Cleaning System is a heavy duty stainless-steel washer with a programmable Processor Control Unit.  Wash chemistry is kept in a heated holding tank and is re-used.
    • The 9200 System uses water/saponifier washing, the most efficient and the most economical washing method.  Hot water washing rinses away all flux residues on the surface of the PC board, leaving no ionized film residues.
    • The 9200 System ensures complete removal of flux residues by monitoring rinse water quality.
    • The Model 9200 is a fast, efficient washer that thoroughly and consistently cleans rosin or water-soluble organic fluxes and other contaminates from circuit boards.  With its built-in chemistry storage and elevated loading door, the 9200 is designed for ease of operation.

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