Electrovert Aquastorm 200 Inline Cleaning System

Aquastorm 200 PCB Wash System Features & Benefits

Manufacturer:   Electrovert / Speedline
Model:  Aquastorm 200
D.O.M.:   2009
Reference No.:   510 & 511


  • Advanced cleaning technology for difficult to clean components
  • Innovative drying performance to increase throughput
  • Mixed spray applications for overall performance
  • Digital flow meters
  • Integrated sump tank with effluent transfer
  • Ideal for RMA and no-clean flux applications
  • Quick connect plumbing fittings
  • PC closed-loop conveyor speed
  • Orbitally welded stainless steel plumbing
  • Triple welded tanks
  • Standard V Jet spray nozzles
  • Hurricane jets
  • Isolation module for aqueous-based chemistries
  • ElectroAir knife drying
  • 30 inch adjustable incline conveyor
  • Auto-standby photocell
  • Comes with Resys 204 transfer station
    • Two transfer stations in one for lower cost and smaller footprint
    • 25 gallon tank capacity
    • Polypropylene cabinet with integrated storage tank
    • Polypropylene float sensors in tank and pump tray
    • High temperature filter housing
    • Differential pressure gauges
    • Check valve on system output
    • High level alarm

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