Electrovert EPK Plus Wave Solder

EPK+ 400/F Wave Soldering System Features & Benefits

Manufacturer:   Electrovert
Model:   Econopak Plus 400
D.O.M.:   1997
Reference No.:   089


  • Foam fluxer with 13L capacity
  • Chip wave nozzle
  • LAMDA nozzle
  • Right to left process
  • VectaHeat Preheater
  • 2 Top side IR preheats
    • Heater size 400mm
    • Approximately 15 minute or less warm-up time
  • 2 Bottom side convection preheats
  • Manual hand crank width adjustment for larger and smaller circuit boards
  • Flexible titanium V finger grooves
  • High density polyethylene aerator material
  • Adjustable flux and thinner pump flow rates

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