EVS 7000 Solder Recovery System

Solder Recovery System Features & Benefits

Manufacturer:   EVS
Model:   7000
D.O.M.:   –
Reference No.:   471


  • For leaded or lead free solder recovery
  • Provides a closed environment system for the recovery of solder from the solder dross produced during the wave soldering process
  • Recovers up to 50-70% pure solder from dross
  • Saves up to 50% in solder costs
  • Reduces dross off site by up to 70%
  • Reduces de-drossing time by up to 85%
  • Uses no chemicals, additives, or toxic substances
  • Emergency Stop
  • Solder Output capacity 8kg or 18 lbs
  • Dross Input 10kg or 22 lbs
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