Oxford Instruments X-Strata 980 Coating Thickness Analyzer

X-Strata Coating Thickness Measurement Features & Benefits

Manufacturer:    Oxford Instruments
Model:   X-Strata 980
D.O.M.:   –
Reference No.:   718


  • XRF for analysis of trace elements and coating thickness
  • Non-destructive fast analysis of precious metals, multi-layer coating thickness, and elemental composition for a wide range of materials
  • Thickness measurement up to 5 layers, 15 elements, and common elements correction
  • Simultaneous composition analysis up to 25 elements
  • Simultaneous analysis of both thickness and composition
  • SmartLink Fundamental Parameters software
  • Measurement methods according to ISO 3497, ASTM B568, DIN 50987 and IEC 62321
  • Large chamber to accommodate large samples
  • Closed chamber design for radiation protection and added safety
  • Highly sensitive 100 W X-ray tube
  • High resolution, Peltier-cooled silicon PIN detector
  • Multiple collimators
  • Low-background measurement plate
  • Real time data exportation
  • Fundamental parameters methods for ease of instrument calibration
  • Rugged overall design for easy, safe operation in any industrial setting
  • Ideal for use on electronics or metals
  • RoHS/WEEE/ELV compliance testing
  • Determines amount of hazardous materials
  • Quantification of toxic elements
  • Metal alloy composition and identifications without destroying or compromising the metal
  • Composition analysis of the thin-film absorber layer in thin-film photovoltaic cells
  • Optimized electrical conductivity through layer thickness analysis
  • See full manufacturer’s specifications here
Condition:  Complete & Operational
Location & Shipping:  USA / FOB Origin
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