Samsung STF100N Matrix Tray Changer

Non-Stop Tray Feeder Features & Benefits

Manufacturer:   Samsung
Model:   STF-100N
D.O.M.:   –
Reference No.:   494


  • JEDEC tray cassettes are separated into upper & lower magazines, each have 12 pallets & can operate independently
  • Tray components can be reloaded while machine is running for continual non-stop operation
  • Improved accuracy with high feeder base stability
  • New mounting mechanism
  • Two position-control pins at the front side
  • Newly designed sprocket
  • Built-in cylinder
  • Optimized pressure control within the cylinder
  • Increased pick-up speeds with the index sensor
  • Tape guide automatically compensates for changes in tape thickness
  • Variable tape support (for feeders accommodating tape widths of 12mm and higher)
  • Swing-type reel hanger
  • Easy feeder identification by applying a different color for each clamp 8mm, large size 12-88mm
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Manual index switch
  • Power supply indication lamp illuminates when fixed by the clamp
  • Tape guide lift prevention through the use of the control pin
  • Click here for full series specs

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