Speedline MPM Accela Screen Printer

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MPM Accela is a versatile & popular automatic screen printer with standard features and options such as:

  • SPC data collection
  • Digital camera with telecentric lense
  • Programmable print head
  • Adjustable stencil shelf
  • Y snugger tooling with vacuum
  • Triple track conveyor
  • 18 inch buffer rails
  • Enhanced texture-based 2D inspection
  • BridgeVision and StencilVision systems
  • Full field of view image acquisition and advanced camera motion techniques
  • Auto paste dispense
  • Stencil cleaner parallel with inspection, dispensing, and alignment
  • Stencil shuttle to maximize throughput
  • Closed loop squeegee head
  • CANopen controls
  • Rheometric pump
  • Temperature control unit
  • Windows Operating System
  • Benchmark Software
  • Advanced consumables management for easy setup and fast changeover

MPM Accela Demo Video

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