Speedline MPM Momentum HiE Screen Printer

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MPM Momentum Hi E is a fully automatic inline screen printer complete with the high efficiency package which offers the following standard & optional features:

  • Single or dual rail
  • Servo motors (instead of stepper motors) for faster vision gantry
  • Increased throughput & shorter cycle time
  • Ideal for fast-paced circuit board production lines
  • Unmatched performance & reliability
  • Advanced 2D inspection
  • SPC program tools
  • Automatic pin placement
  • Powerful software with quick installation & set up
  • BridgeVision & StencilVision contrast technologies
  • Camalot dispense technology
  • Rapid clean stencil cleaning with smooth wet-dry wipe transition
  • Paste height monitor
  • Optimized Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) system
  • Closed loop control
  • Enclosed flow print head

MPM Momentum Hi E Demo Video