Speedline Aquastorm 100C In-Line Aqueous PCB Cleaning System with REsys Water Recycling System

Make:  Speedline
Model: Aquastorm 100C In-Line Aqueous with REsys Water Recycling System
Reference No.:   173CC
S/N: ASIC-20005
Vintage:  2009


  • Wide Mesh Weave Conveyor
  • Max Temperature: 180-300 Deg F
  • Max Product Width: 20″ (508 mm) 
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 25 lb/ft (11.3 kg)
  • Throat Height (Product Clearance): 4″ (101.6 mm)
  • Voltage 480v
  • Dimensions – 200x70x80 – 5000 lbs 
REsys Closed Loop Deionized Water Recycling System 

Recycling offers the following savings;

  • Water Usage:  The only water required is what is lost in evaporation, drag-out, and isolation rinses.
  • DI Water Cost:  PCB in-line cleaner effluent is typically 10X less contaminated than typical city or well water.  Exceptions certainly exist, the use of temporary water soluble mask or other process chemicals will effect contamination levels.
  • Energy Cost:  Heat recovery is inherent to the water recycling process.  Much less energy is required to maintain hot water in the recirculating tanks onboard the cleaning systems.
  • Municipal Treatment Cost:  In applications where zero discharge is attainable, sewer assessments can be minimized or even eliminated.
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Condition:  Complete & Operational
Location & Shipping:  USA / FOB Origin
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