Terra-Universal Smart Desiccator

Terra-Universal Smart Desiccator Features & Benefits

Manufacturer:   Terra-Universal
Model:   1911-25
D.O.M.:   –
Reference No.:   179


  • First-of-its-kind SmartDesiccator™ cuts nitrogen expenses by up to 78%
  • Automates clean, dry benchtop storage to eliminate moisture-related degradation and optimize yields
  • Ideal for semiconductor components, biological and pharmaceutical samples, and other sensitive materials
  • Fully integrated turnkey system takes 30 seconds to install!
  • Terra Universal’s SmartDesiccator™ maximizes yields of sensitive materials by automatically maintaining a user-determined humidity set point.
  • Its quick-response feedback system continuously monitors the cabinet’s relative humidity level and activates a purge of dry nitrogen only when it is needed. The system thus economizes on gas consumption and minimizes overpressures that can stress cabinet seals. Comparison testing reveals that the SmartDesiccator™ maintains a low relative humidity level using only 22% of the nitrogen required by a flowmeter-based system of the identical size.
  • The miniaturized LED display and sensor module eliminate the need for external control boxes. This design also simplifies installation—operation requires only one gas and one low voltage power connection.

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