USI Prism Ultra-Coat 100

USI Prism Ultra Coat 100 Conformal Coating Features & Benefits

Manufacturer:   Ultrasonic Systems
Model:   P100-1-150
D.O.M.:   2005
Reference No.:   416K


  • Full Substrate Coating System
  • Motion and Positioning System
  • Superior Coating Technologies
  • Single Phase
  • One coating head- ultra spray blade head and USI spray valve
  • Thin, defect-free coating application
  • 1-2 mil thickness
  • Programmable pattern width 13-40 mm
  • Electronic flow control
  • PLC controller- X axis conveyor and Y axis spray head
  • 100 recipes max
  • Fast coating application
  • Stainless steel pin chain conveyor
  • Air atomizing spray valve
  • Coating can be turned on and off during a “spray stroke” to apply coating only to selected areas of the circuit board
  • Programmable parameters, including X-Axis index increment, Y-Axis stroke, traversing speed, and coating flow rate
  • Operation and set-up manual
  • For more information and additional specifications, check out these links:

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